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My art practice exists at the intersection of 21st-century ceramic design and late 19th/early 20th-century Western portraiture painting. My work consists of extruder-made non-functional ceramics that are manipulated into a multitude of forms that toy with balance and precarity. Each piece embodies a gesture that is playful and often contains opposing forms that symbolize an act or conveys an emotion: two forms bound together as though they were hugging, a delicate ropy extrusion that resembles a flower and forms that are fed into one another as though they are kissing passionately.   


The finishing of every piece undermines the works’ simplistic yet playful gestures. Each form is glazed and fired numerous times until it is either resolved or destroyed in the process. This technique of multiple firings guarantees that each work is finished with a unique, vibrant glaze that imparts a celebratory clumsiness, providing each completed sculpture with its own individual character. The color palette of these glazes often references specific paintings from either the 19th or early 20th-century Western art historical canon. This style of painting, which could be considered “dated” is arguably relevant today as we reconcile with the timeless issues of that bygone age, and the ever-more apparent unknown that is visually recorded in each artwork.  These paintings serve as the basis for the casually accepted and revered concept of “taste,” which simultaneously delimits class structure and informs the objects and interiors we interact with regularly.


As I repurpose color palettes and visual motifs from past artworks, I meditate on how the convergence of past cultural artifacts and personal life experiences inform nuanced concepts of beauty and taste. These ceramic pieces become  less like sculptural objects and more like portraits of people, couples, and relationships. With this, I often think about the idea of loss. As pieces break down due to the labored process, my practice becomes a continual performance of trying to fix things with parts that no longer belong together.  I find myself trying to desperately hold onto a memory; a moment in time I wish had never passed.   



2023            MFA/MA - SUNY Purchase

2018            SSP - Virginia Commonwealth University Arts Sculpture + Extended Media

2016            BA - Dickinson College, Carlisle, PA

Awards and Residencies


2019-2020 Arlington Arts Center Residency Program (Arlington, VA)

2019           Hopper Prize Finalist

2019           Visiting Artist Program with the Torpedo Factory (Alexandria, VA)

Solo Exhibitions


2022           Sweet Friends (Louisville, KY)

2020           I Hate Being Ugly (Shaw, DC)

Group Exhibitions

2022         Perhaps, This Then, is the Most Fragile Landscape (Hoboken, NJ)

2022         No Sign of Land (Manhattan, NY)

2021         No Wrong Moves (Purchase, NY)

2020         Keep Me Company (Purchase, NY)

2020         Typos + Spills + Broken Glass (Brooklyn, NY)

2019          VAP Residents Exhibition (Alexandria, VA)

2018          Crockpot Crosswalk (Richmond, VA)

2018          On An Island (Richmond, VA)

2017          4th Annual Surprise Invitational Exhibit (Surprise, AZ)  

2016          3rd Annual Surprise Invitational Exhibit (Surprise, AZ) 

2016          Really, Really Affordable Art Show (Brooklyn, NY) 

2016          First Annual National Juried Exhibition at Larkin Arts (Harrisonburg, VA) 

2016          American Art Today: What is American Art? (Highlands, NC) 

2016          Labor Day Art Show (Glen Echo, MD) 

2016          Art Kudos International Exhibition (Online) 

2016          September 2016 Creative Quarterly #44: Online Gallery (Philadelphia PA) 

2016          Adams County Arts Council: Thirteenth Annual Juried Art Exhibition

                  (Gettysburg, PA) 

2016          People, Places, Things (Glenn Echo, MD) 

2016          Eidola (Carlisle, PA) 

2016          Greenpoint Gallery Salon Show (Brooklyn, NY) 

2016          Arts Collective Juried Show (Carlisle, PA) 

2016          Hold Your Breath: Senior Works In Progress Show (Carlisle, PA) 

2015          Arts Guild New Jersey: Nexus International Juried Exhibition (Rahway, NJ)

2015          Will’s Creek Exhibition: One Cubed (Cumberland, MD) 2015

2015          Cooperstown Art Association: 80th Annual National Juried Exhibition                                (Cooperstown, NY) 

2015          Rockets From Rocks (Carlisle, PA) 

2015          440 Gallery: 10th Annual Small Works Show (Brooklyn, NY) 

2014          Dickinson Review (Carlisle, PA) 

2014          Don’t Think About it (Carlisle, PA) 

2014          Coming Together (Carlisle PA) 

2013          Common Context (Carlisle, PA) 

Teaching/ Creative Experience

Adjunct Professor Art History - SUNY Purchase ( August 2022 - Present)
Adjunct Professor Art - SUNY Purchase (January 2021 - Present)

Marketing and Design Coordinator (January 2020 - July 2020)

Instructor - Arlington Arts Center (January 2020- April 2020)

UX Designer/Researcher - Predictive UX (January 2019 - October 2019)

Visual Arts Teacher - Rancho Solano Preparatory (August 2016- August 2018)​


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