My works are the result of an intensive process of experimentation. The detritus of failed experiments litters my studio, serving simultaneously as a reminder of a dead-end, but also a potential path forward. I am interested in challenging the limits of the materials with which I work in order to push them beyond convention. I use a wide variety of materials and mass-produced items that are often associated with suburbia, but at their core are common objects that resonate with a wide audience. I deconstruct these mass-produced materials and objects in order to decontextualize them. Through the act of decontextualization, I question the condition of our physical surroundings.

My process is generative in nature; one move will often lead to the next. As one object sets the groundwork for the next, the detritus of my experimentation accumulates on the walls and floor. These remnants form a dialogue with the completed objects and serve as environments for immersive installations. I rarely have an end product in mind when I start and my work is rooted in a process where shortcomings and seeming failures present opportunities for unexpected solutions.

What comes out of my work and my studio are objects that depict an expansive and, at times, purposefully excessive process. There is a dichotomy of comfort and unease through my work that can be alternately repulsive or welcoming. I explore the abject and color intensification to create compositions and forms that are both strangely vague and seemingly familiar. This, in return, is reflective of the chaos and instability widespread in contemporary life that contradicts our desire for convenience and control. My work is a dialogue between the individual and the ceaseless collection of objects we surround ourselves with.


2018         SSP - Virginia Commonwealth University Arts Sculpture + Extended Media

2016          BA - Dickinson College, Carlisle, PA

Awards and Residencies


2019-2020 Arlington Arts Center Residency Program (Arlington, VA)

2019           Hopper Prize Finalist

2019           Visiting Artist Program with the Torpedo Factory (Alexandria, VA)

Solo Exhibitions

2020(upcoming May)          I Hate Being Ugly (Shaw, DC)

Group Exhibitions

2020          Typos + Spills + Broken Glass (Brooklyn, NY)

2019          VAP Residents Exhibition (Alexandria, VA)

2018          Crockpot Crosswalk (Richmond, VA)

2018          On An Island (Richmond, VA)

2017          4th Annual Surprise Invitational Exhibit (Surprise, AZ)  

2016          3rd Annual Surprise Invitational Exhibit (Surprise, AZ) 

2016          Really, Really Affordable Art Show (Brooklyn, NY) 

2016          First Annual National Juried Exhibition at Larkin Arts (Harrisonburg, VA) 

2016          American Art Today: What is American Art? (Highlands, NC) 

2016          Labor Day Art Show (Glen Echo, MD) 

2016          Art Kudos International Exhibition (Online) 

2016          September 2016 Creative Quarterly #44: Online Gallery (Philadelphia PA) 

2016          Adams County Arts Council: Thirteenth Annual Juried Art Exhibition

(Gettysburg, PA) 

2016          People, Places, Things (Glenn Echo, MD) 

2016          Eidola (Carlisle, PA) 

2016          Greenpoint Gallery Salon Show (Brooklyn, NY) 

2016          Arts Collective Juried Show (Carlisle, PA) 

2016          Hold Your Breath: Senior Works In Progress Show (Carlisle, PA) 

2015          Arts Guild New Jersey: Nexus International Juried Exhibition (Rahway, NJ)

2015          Will’s Creek Exhibition: One Cubed (Cumberland, MD) 2015

2015          Cooperstown Art Association: 80th Annual National Juried Exhibition (Cooperstown, NY) 

2015          Rockets From Rocks (Carlisle, PA) 

2015          440 Gallery: 10th Annual Small Works Show (Brooklyn, NY) 

2014          Dickinson Review (Carlisle, PA) 

2014          Don’t Think About it (Carlisle, PA) 

2014          Coming Together (Carlisle PA) 

2013          Common Context: Collaboration project with artists: Juanli Carrion, Rena Leinberger (Carlisle, PA) 


Creative Experience

Marketing and Design Coordinator (January 2020 - Present)

Instructor - Arlington Arts Center (January 2020- Present)

UX Researcher and Digital Content Creator - Predictive UX (January 2019 - Present)

Visual Arts Teacher - Rancho Solano Preparatory (August 2016- August 2018)​